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General tolerances for CNC machining in metal & Plastics, we follow the standard: ISO-2768-MK In every case, the final tolerances on your part will depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to: – Part size – Design geometry – The number, type, and size of features – Material(s) – Surface finish – Manufacturing process

For samples or urgent projects, we can finish in 1 week. Please contact us to get more accurate lead times base on your projects.

Once your order is confirmed, we will perform a full Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review to point out any issues that our engineers feel may affect the quality of your parts. For all incoming materials, We will ask suppliers for its material certification. If necessary, we will provide the material certification from the third-party institution. In production, we have FQA, IPQC, QA, and OQA to check the parts.

We offer a wide variety of finishing services to achieve almost any look and feel on your parts. We offer treatments for metal, texturing for plastic injection mold tools, painting for metal and plastic, and many more

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