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Quality Assurance

Kachi makes extra and sustained efforts in quality assurance with the goal to transform the company from "made in China" to "world brand". In every step of the service, Kachi aims to providing our customers with the utmost guarantee of the product quality.

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Step One

Check Raw Material

The applicable materials for making Kachi's CNC parts include aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, copper brass, and many other available options. We strictly stick to the requirement from our clients and select the best suitable and high quality raw material for the product making task.

  • Sourcing
  • Selecting
Check Raw Material
Step Two

Check Technical Detail

Kachi's technical department consists of experienced engineers dedicated to the area of CNC maching service. Each customer's requirement will be thoroughly discussed and evaluated before making the production plan.

  • Design Check
  • Technical Discussion
Check Technical Detail
Step Three

Check Product Quality

Quality stays at the heart of Kachi's service. Each machined part undergoes a series of quality test measured by using a caliper, altimeter, projector, plug gauge and other inspection equipment. Until the complete quality inspection is performed will the parts be packaged to and delivered.

  • Using Caliper
  • Using Altimeter
  • Using Projector
  • Using Plug Guage
Check Product Quality


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