Things you should know about the Types of CNC Machining Operations

There are so many diverse types of CNC machining that is used in the China based factories all over the globe. Not only that, but these are also used by numerous suppliers. It is vital to understand the different types of CNC machining that are frequently used in a factory. Since any material can be used in CNC machine, it is imperative for you to comprehend the various nuances of machining technology, the latest machining operation used to get the precise cut on the metal hardware or how the machine copies the instruction of the computer and the entire process behind it.


The process called drilling is used to create a hole on the surface of the material. This is done using a tapping machine or drill press, but it can also be done with the milling machines. The waste metal is produced during this process, and they are called ships. The drill shape helps these to fall away from the piece. If you are trying to avoid leading-off or drifting, then you should make sure they place the drill bit perpendicular to the material.

For those parts where precision is required, before starting a centre drill operation can be added, but some operations require angular drilling. There are plenty of ways to prevent drifting, such as:

• Forging/molding/casting a mark
• Center punching
• Center drilling or spot drilling
• Spot facing

There are also numerous different drill bits that are used for a very specific operation for drilling like:

• Spotting – These are shorter drills that are used to create pilot or shallow holes and they are to prevent drifting for shallow holes.

• Peck – This is a bit that is used to retract the drill to allow the chips to be cleared from the area.

• Screw machine – These are also shorter drills and they can create accurate and straight holes without needing prior spotting.

• Chucking reamers – This drill is used when drilled holes need to be increased in size to a very specific diameter.

Make sure you are thinking about this if you will be using drilling in your product creation. The bit that you choose is very important, and it can make or break the entire process.


The milling machining operation involves using numerous point rotary cutters to get rid of any extra material. There are two types for milling operations, including peripheral and face milling, which cuts into the flat surfaces and the flat-bottomed areas. This can be vertical or horizontal and the peripheral ones cuts gear teeth, threads and deep slots into the material.
It would put the material into the cutting tool area in 2 ways, including feeding it towards the rotation of the cutter, which is conventional milling. This is the normal method that is used for all the manual machines and the other method is climb milling, which feeds the material into the same direction that the cutter rotation is going and this is the preferred option for CNC machining. We often use milling as the secondary process to parts that are already created since it can help to define the features like contours, pockets, slots and holes.


Suppliers use another process of CNC machining all over the world and in China is called turning. This is when the material is rotated and while the tool doing the cutting is moving in the linear motion. This helps to create a shape that is cylindrical and the lathe is the most common machine used for this.

This operation can be done automatically or even manually depending on the need, but automatic is more common for the continuous supervision required for manual. The CNC machining can make sure that all the tooling changes, speeds and movements are determined by the program and then the lathe follows them. This ensures that each piece is done with accuracy and without needing someone to watch over it at all times.


If you are hoping to smooth the surface of the material, then you want to use a grinding machine. This would make sure that all the imperfections are removed and the entire area would be as smooth as possible. We often use this for parts that are complex and if you need the job to be completed quickly and without errors. The wheel that on the machine does the work and you can easily program the speed so that you get the smoothest finish possible.

Other Operations

There are also a few other operations that you should be aware of and those are as follows:

• Planing and shaping – This is when a single-pointed tool is moving linearly in relation to the part and the shaping is when the tool moves and the planing is when the material would be moved.

• Broaching – If you are using a multi-toothed cutting tool, then that is when broaching occurs and this is most often used when making saw blades and other items.

• Sawing – If you will use a saw, then you should use a circular, bandsaw or a hacksaw. This would allow you to feed the materials into the area you want while making the cut easily.

These operations are used by the manufacturers in a wide variety of ways and for different products in the factory. These aren’t the most common or widely used operations, but they are still ones that might be used if you don’t need something complicated created.

The more you know about the various processes that are using when it comes to CNC machining, then the easier it can be for you to make the right choice. This would also help you to be aware of the numerous processes that your products would have to go through and which ones are vital. Think about this when you are looking for a manufacturer for your products and what they would do for you at the factory.

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